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Peterborough Volkswagen is the only Audi local authorized service department and warranty facility in Peterborough, Ontario.

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Get your vehicle ready for the winter roads with these great parts offers.

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Book your VW service appointment or Audi service appointment at Peterborough Volkswagen/Audi Service Center in Peterborough and experience the difference! Our certified VW Master Technicians are specialists in providing excellent service at a great price! Allow us to inspect your Volkswagen tires and Volkswagen brakes by booking your next service appointment with us.

Your Volkswagen brake pads and shoes gradually will wear down as brake components become dirty and rusty. Get your VW brakes flushed at Peterborough Volkswagen and our skilled technicians will ensure that your brakes are working like new. Get your Volkswagen or Audi wheel alignment done at the same time and our team will take care of your investment and you!

Other great seasonal maintenance services and offers link to service specials you can expect this summer at Peterborough Volkswagen/Audi Service Center are; oil and filter changes, air filter replacement, and wiper blade replacement.


We also have a wide selection VW accessories, VW parts and Audi parts to perfectly customize your new Volkswagen, Audi or pre-owned vehicle! Our Volkswagen Parts specialist are also available to assist with any parts related questions and orders.


We hope you have a pleasant visit at our service department at Peterborough Volkswagen and Audi Service Center. We love to hear from our valued customers – your voice matters here!




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In fact, all of Peterborough’s Service Center technicians are Volkswagen trained and certified—so they’ll fix your car according to Volkswagen standards. No one knows your VW better. Every factory-trained technician has the hands-on experience to service your car inside and out.


Contact our service department today to schedule your appointment. Let’s get your VW ready for the open road!


For a list of our service specials, click here.  Don’t forget, we offer a free 30-point inspection with any service!



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Maintain your Audi's safety, reliability and value for years to come. Peterborough Volkswagen is an authorized Audi warranty and prepaid maintenance center and can perform the work you require in a timely fashion. Contact our service department to request your next scheduled maintenance visit! Our certified service technicians are trained to ensure that vehicle repairs are performed to the highest specifications. Find out more here.

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Tire Pressure


Winter isn't kind to tires. The cold air causes a decrease in your tire pressure, leading to decreased handling, safety issues and possible blowouts. Before a road trip in spring and summer, tire pressure should be checked regularly and filled to the recommended cold level. Plus, there's an added bonus — correctly inflated tires can improve road trip fuel economy by about two cents per liter. Ask us about nitrogen for your tires.



Power up before taking off. Cold winter weather can drain a car's battery by up to 50 percent. Once it's warm out, have us provide you with a free check on your batteries status.





Fluid levels


Fluids are an important part of car care that just about anyone can do. Your owner's manual will explain the proper levels and in most cases, it will already be listed on the receptacles in the vehicle, Once you're on the road, make a habit of checking your fluids again when you stop for gas.

Belts and hoses


Take a peek under that hood. See all those belts and hoses? You may never know what they all do, but we can promise you they're all important. Look at each one closely and check for signs of wear, especially fraying or bulges. Better yet bring your vehicle to us for a free vehicle health inspection.



Ice and snow really do a number on windshield wipers, leaving you in a tough spot if you run into an unexpected summer rain storm. Check yours for damage and wear. The good news is, if yours need replacing, Our parts and or Service department personnel will install them for free and top up your windshield washer fluid for free at the same time. For a limited time In the month of June Buy one wiper blade at regular price get the second one half price.



If you're traveling very far, chances are you'll be doing some nighttime driving. Make it easier by ensuring you can actually see the road. Ditch those dim bulbs and upgrade to a whiter, brighter light. You'll have better down-road and side-road visibility, increasing your reaction time by seconds. Check your headlight lenes if they are cloudy we can make then new again with our headlamp restoration kit for $69.95 plus taxes.

Air filter


How well do you perform if you can't breathe? A car's air filter works just like a lung, helping an engine breathe clean air. When it gets dirty or clogged, your engine has to work harder, leading to poor performance and reduced fuel economy. Your air filter should be replaced approximately every 90,000 kilometers. So figure out how long you've had yours.

Pollen filter


Volkswagen original dust and pollen filters-your benefits, stop contaminants from entering the vehicle, helps prevent fogged up windows, ease allergy symptoms, protects the air conditioning system and reduces noxious odours. Your pollen filter should be replaced every 30,000 kilometers.



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Service Department | Peterborough Volkswagen | VW in Ontario



Congratulations to Peterborough Volkswagen's own Brian Anderson on his win at the Retail Qualifications World Championship National Final.

With his win, Brian finished 1st in all of Canada and punched his ticket to compete in the World Championships in Wolfsburg, Germany, in May 2015.

We'd like everyone to give Brian congratulations and best of luck moving into the next round! Let's also get him some practice, and book your next service appointment today!