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Enroll to the Peterborough Volkswagen Rewards Program in Ontario


Welcome to the Peterborough Volkswagen VIP Loyalty Rewards Program

How does it work?

It's really simple! Just ask for a membership tag and attach it to your car keys. Each time you visit our store, you have another opportunity to earn points.


What if I want to change my car?

No problem! Your loyalty tag is completely transferable. In fact, feel free to share your reward card with any family member that needs to purchase or have service on their vehicle. The more people that participate, the more REWARDING it is for you!


Sounds good, how do I get one?

It's easy! Just click on the "Enroll Now" button, on the top of the page. Fill in the request form and your loyalty tags will be sent to you. Loyalty tags can also be picked up by visiting our store anytime.


Can anyone join?

Anybody, any make, or any model! We take pride in servicing your car, no matter what make or model. We always use your manufacturer's recommended parts and top quality oils.


Excellent, can I tell my friends?

Everybody's welcome! Just tell us how many tags you need. Give them to your family and friends. This great offer is open to everyone!

VIP Loyalty Rewards Program Guidelines:

The following are the guidelines to our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program.




Welcome to your online membership area.

Sign in to obtain information about your account. All you need is your membership card number and your E-mail address and you may access an abundance of information about your account. Find out your current point balance and review a list of offers awaiting you. You can also obtain information about your past transactions and the rewards you have redeemed.



Access Your Account 

Card Number

E-mail Address*:



* Online account access requires enrollment with Peterborough Volkswagen, a loyalty card number and an E-mail address registered with your VIP Loyalty Rewards Program account. If you are already a VIP Loyalty Rewards Program member, but have not yet provided your E-mail address, simply contact a customer service representative with Peterborough Volkswagen to begin enjoying the benefits of online access!